Osterville Library Speakers

Three Bays Speaker at podium


Osterville Village Library at 5pm

Wednesday, July 26
Barnstable’s Milestone Opportunity: Implementing the 208 Plan

Scott W. Horsley
Water Resources Consultant

This illustrated lecture will present the watershed plan for Three Bays that was designed by the Cape Cod Commission to address the water quality problems caused by excessive nitrogen. The plan includes a range of innovative strategies including storm water management, fertilizer controls, permeable reactive barriers, pond dredging, wetland restoration, fertigation, alternative septic system technologies, and aquaculture.

Tuesday, August 1
Barnstable’s Nitrogen Crisis

Michael “Mike” J. Egan
President, Board of Directors, Barnstable Clean Water Coalition

In this thought-provoking and illustrated presentation, a noted Cape Cod conservationist continues to rally the cry for understanding how nitrogen pollutes our ecosystem, and what we as a community could do about it.

Tuesday, August 8
Wings, Fins and Watery Wonders: Exploring Wildlife in the Three Bays Watershed

Meg A. Materne, Science Manager

Get a first-hand and compelling glimpse into one of the most ecologically bio-diverse regions on Cape Cod, the 12,458-acre watershed that includes West, North and Cotuit Bays.

Tuesday, August 15
Introducing the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition: Barnstable’s Innovative Future

Zenas “Zee” Crocker
Executive Director
Barnstable Clean Water Coalition

Within the 1,245-acre estuary, West, North and Cotuit Bays look pristine, but in reality, these embayments are threatened by excess nitrogen. Learn about the new generation of conservation advocacy led by Three Bays Preservation Inc., and enlightened, comprehensive plans to protect the watershed.

Tuesday, August 22
The Indomitable Oyster: Nature’s Way Toward Ecosystem Strength

Mike Moynihan
Member, Board of Directors, Barnstable Clean Water Coalition

Oh, the power of a single animal! Oysters are natural filter feeders that can significantly help cleanse an ecosystem. In this engaging and illustrated lecture, Mike will enthrall listeners with true tales of these tiny but mighty creatures.


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