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Barnstable Clean Water Coalition (BCWC) works to restore and preserve clean water in Barnstable.

BCWC deploys science as its foundation to educate, monitor, mitigate and advocate for clean water throughout the Cape Cod town of Barnstable.

You can find us in classrooms, at community events, in the field, along the shore and on the water. Informing people about what’s happening in our local waters is a key objective, and innumerable ways exist through which we work to reach, teach, and educate: public policy forums; outreach events; strong relationships with key stakeholders including civic decision-makers; legislators; and local, state and federal resource managers.

For over 20 years, we have tracked water quality in marine embayments, as well as keeping a close eye on freshwater systems including ponds, streams, rivers and coves. By monitoring, we can then measure the quality of these water systems through comprehensive parameters and proven scientific methods that provide both qualitative and quantitative data. These data are shared with other science-based organizations, and provide BCWC with a baseline to determine progress.

Our small team of engineers, scientists, seasonal help and interns implement and test non-traditional technologies (NTT’s) including alternative septic systems, permeable reactive barriers, water diversion gardens, and nature-based treatment systems. We support municipal treatment projects. By utilizing solution-based initiatives in our mitigation program, we help combat excess nitrogen by using non-traditional technologies to cleanse the water.

We believe an informed electorate is a community’s best shot at restoring and preserving our priceless water supply for drinking, and for swimmers, boaters, fishing enthusiasts and other outdoor recreational users. As issues warrant and crises develop, we’ll campaign for political will and regulatory changes to address water quality issues of relevance in the Town of Barnstable.