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Michael Egan's Editorials

Michael “Mike” Egan, president of the Board of Directors at Barnstable Clean Water Coalition, presented a well-received illustrated lecture on Barnstable’s nitrogen crisis at Osterville Village Library on Tuesday, August 1.

Barnstable Clean Water Coalition: Cape’s nitrogen crisis is treatable

The Barnstable Patriot
August 3, 2017

Barnstable gets its drinking water from the same source that its septic systems are leaching into, and the nitrogen crisis facing Cape Cod is not sustainable.

That’s what Michael Egan, president of the board of the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition (formerly Three Bays Preservation), told the audience during his lecture at Osterville Village Library Tuesday. Following the talk, attendees burst forth with questions about reversing a creeping tide of water pollution.


Three Bays Preservation: Coloring in between the lines of a blue economy

February 22, 2017
By: Michael J. Egan

The blue water economy aptly describes how Cape Codders support themselves through tourism and sustainable year-round occupations. Cape Cod’s blue water economy and unique ecosystem have been around for hundreds of years...

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The Origins of Barnstable’s Drinking Water

January 13, 2017
By: Michael J. Egan

One of our most critical components to life here in the Town of Barnstable lies just beneath our feet.

But have you thought of exactly where our drinking water come from?

All drinking water in the Town of Barnstable comes from the ground. We don't get it from reservoirs, lakes or reverse osmosis. We pump it from a thin layer of fresh water, an aquifer, that exists between the ground surface and sea level. And researching this key conservation issue—clean water in our estuary and beneath the ground—is the DNA at Three Bays Preservation Inc.

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Clean Water is a Fundamental Right of Citizenship

November 11, 2016
By: Michael J. Egan

Access to clean water is a fundamental right of every citizen in the Town of Barnstable. After public safety and security, it’s the second most important municipal service we as residents provide to ourselves. And our water, that one resource aside from air that we need to live, is in tough shape.

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Three Bays Preservation: Wastewater is everybody's problem

September 30, 2016
By Michael J. Egan

Everyone in Barnstable should be worried about a polluted ecosystem, every teenager, adult and senior citizen - but once they are, what can be done? That’s what I’ve been thinking whenever the concern about the nitrogen crisis in the Three Bays Estuary enters my mind. My worry is, unfortunately, a constant companion.

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Told You So

August 22, 2016
By: Michael J. Egan

If ever there was a sign that West, North and Cotuit Bays are severely wounded from toxic doses of excess nitrogen, look no further than the large, ugly masses of brown algae grasping into the water column across the 1,251-acre estuary, leaving a community and visitors in stunned disbelief.

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Three Bays Preservation: We are one Cape

July 1, 2016
By Michael J. Egan

It’s an uncomfortable conversation everyone should have, even at the dinner table: excess nutrients seeping from septic systems, fertilizers and stormwater runoff overloading our freshwater ponds, rivers and marine estuaries.

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