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If you have any questions call us at 508-420-0780 or e-mail us at info@bcleanwater.org.

At Barnstable Clean Water Coalition (BCWC) our mission is simple: to restore and preserve clean water throughout Barnstable.

With science as our foundation, BCWC utilizes four core components to accomplish our mission: educate, monitor, mitigate and advocate.

Excess nitrogen leaching from septic systems causes 80% of the nutrient pollution in our estuaries. Lawn fertilizer and storm water make up most of the balance. Our freshwater ponds are under attack from phosphates and contaminants of emerging concern; again, septic systems are the main culprit. These same sources threaten our precious sole source aquifer.

Cape Cod’s “Blue Economy” requires clear, clean water to power virtually all our recreational resources. Why else come here?

Clean drinking water is a necessity, yet this resource is threatened every day.

We must act now to restore our imperiled waters before we lose them forever.

Read on and please join BCWC’s Rescue Mission today!


Neighbors Take Action to Save Their Ponds

September 15, 2020

We love our ponds, rivers, and coastal waters to enjoy our favorite water sports like swimming, fishing, and kayaking — especially during these challenging times. However, many ponds on Cape Cod experienced an emerald green film shining on the surface — a toxic algal bloom called cyanobacteria — which prompted town health officials to close […]

National Water Quality Month: How You Can Make A Difference

July 30, 2020

Here are a number of important ways that you can help do your part in keeping our water clean. Eliminate or reduce fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on your lawns and gardens. Lawn chemicals are not good for the environment and flow into our waterways.  Use eco-friendly products that are organic and low in nitrogen. Mow […]

Meet one of our Partners: Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center

July 13, 2020

Barnstable Clean Water Coalition (BCWC) works to restore and preserve clean water throughout Barnstable and is preparing to launch a pilot project to test alternative septic systems. Many partners are involved in our very important work to improve water quality on Cape Cod including the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC), located in Sandwich […]

Welcome to the Living Laboratory: Come Learn with Us

June 20, 2020

Since March, everyone has found creative ways to stay connected.  Students of all ages learned how to do remote learning with their teachers.  Zoom and FaceTime became every day communication tools to meet with business colleagues, family and friends.  Here at the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition we are also learning to adapt, and one way […]


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