In this video, you will learn from Elizabeth and Brian what a PRB is, the materials being used and what actions they need to consider as they continue with the project. The objective of this pilot project is to learn what steps need to be taken to implement modular and larger scale PRBs in a multitude of eco-systems across Cape Cod and beyond.

Learn about a pilot project being conducted by Barnstable Clean Water Coalition (BCWC) and our partners as we install a woodchip-based bioreactor in one of the ditches in the bogs with the ultimate goal of reducing the nutrient content in the bog's surface water before it flows into the river.

BCWC is working on several initiatives to remove excess nutrients from the Cape’s groundwater. In late December 2019, a workshop was convened to discuss a cranberry bog restoration project focused on a system of cranberry bogs located in Marstons Mills, MA.

Cape Cod has fifty-three watersheds and almost all are negatively impacted by nutrient pollution, primarily nitrogen and phosphorus. Barnstable Clean Water Coalition is exploring and implementing nature-based and alternative solutions to address these nutrient overload problems and retired cranberry bogs are ideal locations that could offer just that opportunity.


Barnstable Clean Water Coalition