The Admiral's Watch

Admiral's Watch tug boat

The Admiral's Watch

Barnstable Clean Water Coalition

Building on a Twenty-Year Legacy of Restoration and Protection of Clean Water in Barnstable.

The Admiral’s Watch is a citizen’s corps of conservation stewards dedicated to providing sustaining funds for Barnstable Clean Water Coalition, in its critical mission to restore and preserve clean water throughout the Town of Barnstable.

Our mission is simple, but significant: clean water for drinking and recreational uses including swimming, fishing, and boating. We ask for help because we need it, though the plea is well-earned:  the request is based on two decades of sound science in understanding the nitrogen crisis that imperils our treasured 12,458-acre watershed, including the 1,251-acre estuary that encompasses West, North and Cotuit Bays.

There’s much about which to be concerned.

In March 2015, the Cape Cod Commission released Water Quality and Cape Cod’s Economic Future:
Nitrogen Pollution’s Economic Impact on Homes and Communities. This groundbreaking study revealed that each 1% decline in water quality in our bays leads to a .61% decline in property values. Think about it: that’s an incredibly scary impact threshold that we as a community have crossed and must now address in this generation.

We believe your lifestyle and investment in Osterville and in every part of Barnstable are at stake. Your property might sustain a loss annually based on assessed value alone, according to the Commission’s conclusions.

Historically, our organization had focused on mitigating the pollution through dredging and dilution. The newly-mandated EPA Section 208 of the Clean Water Act, however, provides a clear and critical roadmap leading to the full restoration of our ecosystem. We can solve the nitrogen crisis by deploying innovative Non-Traditional Technologies (NTTs), as well as time-honored methods to mitigate nitrogen and other harmful pathogens and pollutants.

Only with your financial support can we restore our waterways and enhance your property values at the same time. The Admiral’s Watch logo carries an imprint of a 26’ venerable 19th century U.S. Life-Saving Service boat that brave surf men used to row toward distressed mariners. We feel impassioned that we are on a rescue mission to clean our waters.

Please consider joining The Admiral’s Watch immediately, and become part of the solution that will rescue, restore and protect clean water in Barnstable.


Barnstable Clean Water Coalition