208 Plan

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Cape Cod Area Wide Water Quality Management Plan

Known as the 208 Plan

Named for Section 208 of the federal Clean Water Act, Cape Cod’s Water Quality Management Plan or the 208 Plan, is designed to address the problems of excess nitrogen, the key reason why water quality is degrading in our local waters. The 208 Plan is the ultimate game-changer in the conversation about clean water: it’s a watershed-based approach that deploys regulatory reforms, innovative strategies, and community-wide processes to mitigate nitrogen pollution.

  • The science team at Barnstable Clean Water Coalition, was instrumental in crafting the Barnstable section of the Cape Cod 208 Plan. We’re staunch advocates of the 208 Plan because it’s based on sound scientific principles, and it is a logical framework for addressing excess nitrogen. Excess nitrogen is the leading threat to our aquatic environment, and our aquatic environment forms the bedrock of Cape Cod’s tourist-driven economy.
  • To learn more, visit this link for the full:
    Cape Cod 208 Plan produced by the Cape Cod Commission pdf icon