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At Barnstable Clean Water Coalition (BCWC) our mission is simple: to restore and preserve clean water throughout Barnstable.

With science as our foundation, BCWC utilizes four core components to accomplish our mission: educate, monitor, mitigate and advocate.

Excess nitrogen leaching from septic systems causes 80% of the nutrient pollution in our estuaries. Lawn fertilizer and storm water make up most of the balance. Our freshwater ponds are under attack from phosphates and contaminants of emerging concern; again, septic systems are the main culprit. These same sources threaten our precious sole source aquifer.

Cape Cod’s “Blue Economy” requires clear, clean water to power virtually all our recreational resources. Why else come here?

Clean drinking water is a necessity, yet this resource is threatened every day.

We must act now to restore our imperiled waters before we lose them forever.

Read on and please join BCWC’s Rescue Mission today!

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If you are interested in a grant of up to $10,000 for the installation of an I/A septic system

Spring 2020 Coalition Quarterly

Educate, Monitor, Mitigate, Advocate



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