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Barnstable Clean Water Coalition

Our small but intrepid team of engineers, scientists, seasonal help and interns implement and test non-traditional technologies (NTT’s) including alternative septic systems, permeable reactive barriers, water diversion gardens, and nature-based treatment systems. We support municipal treatment projects. By utilizing solution-based initiatives in our mitigation program, we help combat excess nitrogen by using non-traditional technologies to cleanse the water.

Solutions-both traditional and new-to cleaning impaired waters in ponds, rivers and embayments exist through the diverse Massachusetts 208 Plan, named for Section 208 of the federal Clean Water Act. These so-called Non-Traditional Technologies include aquaculture, which uses oysters to filter and purify water naturally, and Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs), which are underground walls that filter impurities from groundwater to combat nitrogen pollution. These are just a few of the innovative methods in which Barnstable Clean Water Coalition is engaged.


Barnstable Clean Water Coalition