Barnstable Clean Water Coalition (BCWC) believes education to be one of the pillars of successful community-based conservation. Regardless of age, BCWC aims to promote a culture of science literacy surrounding local environmental issues. The framework of our educational efforts strives to establish the direct correlation of the human action and associated environmental impact. We focus our educational goals towards community events, interacting and engaging the public while out doing field work, and promoting fundraising events to further the mission of BCWC.

During the academic year BCWC has hosted student interns from Barnstable High School to conduct weekly pond sampling.

BCWC has been an active participant in the town of Barnstable’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Headstart Program for diamondback terrapins since 2017.

BCWC and the community have done a great job in their efforts to protect the threatened and endangered birds that nest on Dead Neck Sampson's Island (DNSI).